Would there be an iPhone 4 recall?

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Apple has been facing a tough time right now from the issues coming from their latest iPhone 4. A lot has been predicting that there would be a recall of its iPhone 4 to preserve its reputation. This has been suggested by the experts.

It has been outlined in the recent post in Cult of Mac talking about the dangers that Apple continuing to skirt the recent issues about it’s antenna problem. There has been reports from those who got the iPhone 4 already that if a finger would be placed on the bottom left of the phone, the signal would be reduced or even cause the call to drop entirely. Consumer Reports also released a statement that it won’t recommend the gadget because of the same problem.

Apple’s answer to his issue is that they are blaming initially to a miscalculation within the formula which is used to determine how many signal bars should be displayed and it is basically an optical illusion. Sad to say, Consumer Reports won’t buy their response.

Larry Barton, Former Vice President of Crisis Management of Motorola just told Cult of Mac that Apples response has been “Lackluster”. “It’s been borderline irresponsible, They are in danger or betraying customers’ trust and hurting the brand, which is infinitely more valuable than any one product. Consumer Reports is a well-respected publication with a long history of being impartial and fair. Their advisory is serious one.” he added.

Apple should resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you’re an iPhone 4 user, feel free to give your comments here and share your own story about your new iPhone 4.

We’ll be posting updates in here as soon as we can.