World Cup 2010: Germany vs Spain

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Paraguay vs Spain World Cup 2010 Semifinals – We have made a success in predicting yesterdays winner, Netherlands and that makes 2 of 5 successful predictions. Today we will do that again.

We have, Germany vs Spain today at 14:30 at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban. A classic match and a rematch of their battle on the European Championship in 2008 where Spain won.

This time the playing field may have change in favor of Germany. There are many German players rising to help the team reach this level in the World Cup while in Spain sides there’s one, David Villa.

Iker Casillas and Fernando Torres who are brilliant football superstar for Spain but are still not match of a factor, specially Torres. Casillas had began awakening and had been key to Spain’s win over Portugal and Paraguay.

The German team meanwhile boast a strong lineup with star player Miroslav Klose who is close to beating Ronaldo’s record and of course who will not know the German devil and hard headed Bastian Schweinsteiger. These two had been key to German’s rise to the World Cup 2010.

Play by play results will show that Germany had an edge in scoring. They had two 4-0 scores against the two favorite teams in the World Cup, Australia and Argentina. Before the game Argentina was a favorite but Germany proved that to be false.

Spain on the other hand struggled during the early stage and if not for David Villa’s lucky goals they would have headed home long time ago. Spain had a goal cap of 2 and had not managed to surpassed that.

The game today will be a measure of the power of these two teams. Sadly we will not be able to see another German star player, Thomas Mueller after he was suspended due to yellow card accumulation.

Our fearless projection for today is that Germany will win this match, 4-1 and send a strong signal to the Netherlands that they mean business.

Let’s watch the game later via television at ESPN and NBC or even online at

For those who want to watch free online live stream please do visit,, and Another link for live stream had been discovered and you can ACCESS IT HERE.