What Does Topeka Google Logo Say?

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If you are located in US, you may be surprised that when you typed in www.google.com in your web browsers, the name “Topeka” appears instead of the usual Google logo.

You may be asking: “Why does Google say Topeka” or “What Does Topeka Google Logo Say?”  Well, apparently, Topeka is Google’s way of joking you this April Fools Day 2010. But of all names, why does Google choose the name or word “Topeka”?

Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said the move to change their company name to “Topeka” was inspired by a Kansas town named Topeka, which in March also changed its name to that of “Google” as part of its bidding process to be the test site for Google’s experimental super-fast broadband network.

Topeka, Kansas Mayor Bill Bunten issued a proclamation last March among all Topeka residents to refer to their city as “Google, Kansas–the capital city of fiber optics”. In return to that favor, Google renamed its company logo today “Topeka” as part of  Google’s April Fools joke.

Well, congrats to all Topeka, Kansas residents. They are surely more famous as of now than before since their town is the name used by search engine king Google. Do you think with this move by Google, the town of Topeka in Kansas will surely be a test site for Google’s broadband services?