Washington Huskies Beats New Mexico Lobos in Latest 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Update

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As the 2010 NCAA basketball games progresses, we see more and more teams survived and some are eliminated. In one of the latest basketball matches for the Sweet 16 entry, Washington beats New Mexico with a final score of 82-64.

In the first round of the game, Washington Huskies scored 44 as against the score of New Mexico Lobos at 32. Washington takes the lead again in the second round as it scored 38 as against New Mexico’s 32 giving a total of score of 82-64.

The basketball match came into a tie after 11:19 remaining on the first half of the game. New Mexico seems to be playing the match at a slower pace and Washington took advantage of it by various turnovers which led them to win the basketball match.

Washington is now faced to battle the winning team between Missouri and West Virginia in their next 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament game match. What do you think on this round? Were you happy or upset?

Anyway, congratulations to Washington and way to go on your next basketball match!

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