Video of Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton in their Visit to Haiti

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Two former US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton both have recently visited the country Haiti to extend their help and hope for all Haitians with their Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund which has raised about $37 million donors for Haitians.

However, it seems that one of them, former President Bush is not so sincere with his visit to Haiti as it is clearly seen in a video wiping his hand on Clinton’s clothes after shaking hands with some Haitians.

In that video, after Bush shakes hands with a member of the Haitian crowd, he wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirtsleeve. What do you think could be the reason why Bush wiped his hand on Clinton’s clothes? Or did he really wipe it in the first place? Was it intentional?

For curious people, here is the video of Bush as he wipes his hand to Clinton’s longsleeve after shaking hands with some Haitians in the crowd.

YouTube Preview Image