Verizon To Give $90 million Refund to Customers

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Customers has been the most important people for Verizon Inc. and they just wanted to maintain their good relationship with them. There has been numerous complaints by customers for the past 3 years that they were charged with data services that they didn’t use at all. It has alarmed the Federal Communications Commission and right now Verizon Wireless will be solving it by giving out refunds.

It would refund more than $50 million to about 15 million customers nationwide who were mistakenly charged for data usage or Internet access they didn’t order. That would be mean that most of them will receive $2 to $6 each. Current customers will receive credits on monthly bills. Former customers will get checks in the mail. Those receiving refunds will be notified starting this month and this November.

Customers were automatically charged $1.99 every month for data services that they didn’t use. Some were charged for those free demo versions of the apps in their phone. Others were charged for accessing the Internet, even if users did so by mistakenly hitting a button and backing out of the service right away. Customers claimed that they were reporting the problem to the company but Verizon Wireless has been ignoring them. They refused to block the data services as well as refused to reverse the charges.

The refund is just one of the steps that Verizon Wireless has to take. F.C.C. would ensure that this thing will not happen again. They were trying to pressed how long the company has been aware of the existence of the problem and see whether they would initiate a Notice of Apparent Liability, as formal enforcement charges are known.

The settlement talks between the FCC and Verizon Wireless has come up with an alternative to the formal enforcement wherein they could enter into a consent decree, the company would neither admit nor deny the charges, but would agree to make a voluntary payment to settle the issue.