UPS Offers Jobs: Guide to UPS Job Training

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During this time of triumph and recession, every working individual badly needs employment to cope with the family’s expenses. Employment has been so steep nowadays wherein most of the companies are having cost cutting activities which includes reducing their manpower.

UPS, or United Parcel Services has announced this month that they would be giving out 25,000 new drivers for their company to replace their retiring employees. The international shipping company has brought hope to a lot of Americans who has been struggling to cope with the recession. But it won’t be that easy, because the potential hires must pass training which includes virtual instruction on becoming a driver for them. The newly employed driver could earn as much as $70,000 to $75,000 a year. Such income is more than enough sustain a family’s need.

Individuals that aspire for a career with UPS will have a didactic training because aside from books and theories they will have to undergo hands-on and virtual training at a facility near Washington, DC. This would include driving and delivery test, a video game to test driving abilities, quickness and reliability, and sales skills, among other tasks. An obstacle course that involves the “slip and fall” machine is also part of the extensive 1-week training course. This would be followed by learning 340 methods of being a UPS Driver which would focuses on safety and improvements.

A lot of people are looking after the job because the company has been known to give a lot of benefits to its employees as evidenced by their employees retiring after long years of service.