Updated Complete List of Winners of the 82nd Academy Awards 2010 Oscars

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Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are very witty hosts of the 82nd Oscars 2010.  We will be listing down the results as it happens.  Watch ABC now if you want to watch the Oscars live.  If you don’t have TV or if you can’t find ways to watch the Oscars 2010 online, just keep on refreshing this page to view the results and the winners here live.  Here are the List of the Winners for the Oscars 2010:

Penelope Cruz announced the Best Supporting Actor to Cristoph Waltz  (Inglorious Bastards).

Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell presented the Best Animated Featured Film to UP.

Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus presented the Best Original Song to Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett.

Robert Downey Junior and Tina Fey announced the Best Original Screenplay to Mark Boal for The Hurtlocker.

— Oscars paid tribute to John Hughes

Best Animated Short Film was awarded Logorama by Nicolas Schmerkin.

— Ben Stiller came out in a very gnarly Avatar costume to present the award for “Best Makeup”  Watch out for pictures of Ben Stiller in Avatar Costume to be uploaded soon.

Best Makeup was awarded to Star Trek – Mindy Haul, Joel Harlow and Barney Burman.

Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Geoffrey Fletcher – Precious

Best Actress in Supporting role goes to Monique.

Rick Carter, Robert Strombert, Kim Sinclair of Avatar won the Best Outstanding Art Direction.

Best Costume Design was presented by Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker to The Young Victoria by Sandy Powell.  She also won for The Aviator before.

— Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did a horror skit.

— Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart went to the stage and presented tribute to horror films.

Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick presented the Best Sound Editing to Paul N.J. Ottosson for the Hurt Locker.

Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron awarded Best Sound Mixing is won by Hurt Locker (Ray Becket and Paul N.J. Ottosson).

Mauro Fiore for Avatar won the Best Cinematography.

Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington on stage to present Best Original Score to Michael Giacchino for the movie Up.

Outstanding Visual Effects goes to Avatar. Joe Letteri, Stephen rossenbaum, Andrew jones, and Richarck Banahem.

Matt Damon announced the Best Documentary Feature that goes to The Cove.

Best Film Editing was won by The Hurt Locker

El Secreto de Sus Ojos won the Best Foreign Language Movie.

Jeff Bridges won Best Actor in Leading role.  The award was announced by Kate Winslet looking very classy and posh in her attire tonight.

Sean Penn announced the Best Actress in a Leading role to Sandra Bullock for the movie The Blind Side

Best Director went to Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker.

The Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the year 2010 goes to The Hurt Locker!

The list ends here and the Oscars 2010 is over.  Click here to read the highlights of the event.