Unemployment Extension July 20, 2010 Update: The Call for Tier 5

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Unemployment Extension July 20, 2010 Update: The Call for Tier 5 – A lot of unemployed Americans are now expecting the much awaited unemployment bill to be passed within this week. West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin already appointed Carte Goodwin to replace the late Senator Richard Byrd to complete the needed 60 votes.

Carte Goodwin is scheduled to be sworn in the Senate on Tuesday at 2:15 pm and then immediately after, at 2:30, they will begin voting on the unemployment extension bill. That vote will be on a motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed. Once that passes, a cloture motion on the bill itself will be in order for Thursday morning. After that, another vote on the “motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill with Reid Amendment No. 4425” will be voted within 30 hours before it can send over to the House of Representatives for the final vote and finally lined up for Obama’s signature.

Since Goodwin is a Democrat, it is expected that his vote will add to the Democrats to counter the leading Republican filibuster. Republicans continue to counter the passage of the bill since according to them, there’s not much enough funds and that it could just add a burden to the fiscal deficit of the government.

For the record, H.R. 4213 will be the unemployment extension bill that will be voted upon. This is not a Tier 5 unemployment bill. However, this bill proposes to extend the filing deadline for existing tiers (Tiers 1- 4) of unemployment benefits until November 30, 2010 and extend for three month the closing deadline for first-time home buyers looking to get the $8,000 tax credit.

The Government has used billions of its funds in bailing out Wall Street companies notwithstanding other funds diverted in various military operations in other countries. The unemployment extension bill must be passed immediately. Do we still have to wait when crime becomes an issue because Americans need to survive just to catch the attention of our dear politicians?

Join the millions of unemployed Americans in signing the petition for the unemployment extension bill to be passed. A project of the Democratic National Committee calling for Republicans to stop blocking the help for the unemployed is available HERE.

In addition, here is the speech of President Obama addressing the relief offered to the unemployed: