Unemployment Extension July 17, 2010 Update

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Unemployment Extension July 17, 2010 Update – As millions of unemployed Americans keep on tracking the latest developments on the passage of a Tier 5 unemployed extension, here is the latest update on the movements of our politicians.

After my previous post about Unemployment Extension last Wednesday, July 14, 2010, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has finally chosen an interim senator to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd to complete the 60 votes allowed for the unemployment bill to pass. Apparently, it was his former chief legal counsel, Carte Goodwin who got the nod.

As such appointment, Goodwin will be sworn in to the Senate on Tuesday at 2:15 pm Eastern Time. Immediately after that, the Senate will vote on the much awaited unemployment extension bill. As a Democrat, Goodwin is expected to give his political party the needed 60th vote they need to break the current leading Republican vote and get the bill signed into law.

As written in the Senate Calendar, H.R. 4213 will be the unemployment bill which will be voted upon on Tuesday at 2:30 pm. This bill will give extension to unemployment benefits to unemployed Americans through November. This is the exact unemployment bill which the Senate voted last June 30 but lost to a ruling Republican “no” vote of 58-38. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted “no” that time just to bring back the bill for another vote.

Once the cloture on the motion to proceed to the unemployment bill passes on Tuesday, the Senate will then have to vote on passage of the “motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill with Reid Amendment No. 4425” within 30 hours. By that time, the opposing Republicans could choose to keep the debate open for the full 30 hours, or they could let the Democrats proceed within the final vote sooner.

Once the final votes for the passage is secured in the Senate, the unemployment extension bill will have to go back to the Congress for a vote on a concurring to Senate amendment. As soon as the Congress votes favorably on concurring with the Senate amendment, the bill can be sent to President Obama to be signed into law.

The ball is definitely in the hands of Senator Harry Reid now. Let’s all hope and pray that he will prioritize this unemployment extension bill over other pending bills in the Senate. If he does, we should be expecting a passage of the much awaited unemployment extension bill some time next week. God Bless America!