UAB vs Tennessee Football Scores and Results: Tennessee Won 32-29

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UAB vs Tennessee Football Scores and Results: Tennessee Won 32-29 – Tennessee currently leads on the second quarter of their match against the UAB. Both teams have a 1-2 standing overall and are determined to get their second win this season. So far, the Tennessee Volunteers had outplayed the UAB Blazers in both quarters.

First Quarter: Tennessee 14 vs UAB 7. The Volunteers managed to score two touchdowns in the first quarter courtesy of Denarius Moore and Zach Rogers. The first touch down was made 10:59 then the second touchdown at 2:15. The UAB Blazers manage to minimize their casualty on the quarter by scoring their own touchdown. Matt Simms pass complete to Zach Rogers for 72 yards for a touchdown.

Second Quarter: Tennessee 9 vs UAB 0. The action in the second quarter seems to be suppressed compared to the good scoring of the previous quarter. This time Tennessee was only accorded a field goal via Daniel Lincoln. The expectation and efforts of UAB to rally points and catch up with Tennessee ends up in frustration as their defense collapse allowing another touchdown. Bryan Ellis pass intercepted by Prentiss Waggner at the UAB 9, returned for 9 yards for a touchdown. The extra point by Daniel Lincoln was blocked.

UPDATE: The UAB vs. Tennessee NCAA College Football match was finished. It was a close fight but in the end, Tennessee won in a final score of 32-29. To know the recap of the match, you can view it at ESPN here.