Tropical Storm Could Delay Gulf Oil Spill’s Permanent Fix

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There is a tropical storm that formed near the Bahamas Thursday morning which could threaten efforts to permanently contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

According to CNN meteorologist Sean Morris, the weather system showed significant signs of intensification during the overnight hours with thunderstorm activity increasing.

Furthermore, several forecast models indicate that the said weather system could move into the Gulf forcing BP to put the “casing” process of the relief well on hold.

BP is also studying the possibility of using a tactic called “static kill” to help seal the broken well. This “static kill” process will involve pumping mud into the well to force oil back into the reservoir. If the weather permits, BP could begin this process as early as the weekend.

So far, the new cap that BP placed on the sunken well last July 12 is still keeping the oil inside.