Tiger Woods Stays On Top Of SI Fortunate 50

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Sports Illustrated has just released its U.S. list of top earning athletes called the Fortunate 50. Despite endorsement losses due to the extramarital scandals he was involved in, Tiger Woods has stayed on top of the list for the last seven years. The world number PGA player may have been away from golf for quite some time on a self-imposed exile. His recent performance at the British Open was far from his dominating ways in recent years.

Woods’ 2010 earnings were estimated at $90 million, with endorsement deals around $22 million less from last year. Since returning to the fairways in April, he has not won any major title. With one more PGA major left this season, he stands to become winless for the second consecutive year.

Despite all these, Tiger Woods remains as the top earner and attraction to any PGA major. Fellow PGA player Phil “Lefty” Mickelson stays at second place, with estimated earnings of $61 million. Other prominent figures in the top 10 include NBA stars LeBron James, Kobe Bryan, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., MLB star and NY Yankee Derek Jeter and Indianapolis Colt quarterback Peyton Manning. The complete list is available online at SI.com.