Tiger Woods Having Affair with Neighbor’s Daughter Raychel Coudriet

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It seems that the issue of infidelity doesn’t want to leave golf athlete Tiger Woods. After he recently had a public apology in a press conference asking for forgiveness for all the rumors about his illicit love affairs with several women, here comes another rumored woman with whom Tiger Woods had another affair.

Accordingly, Tiger Woods’ neighbor’s daughter named Raychel Coudriet is the latest of this series of mistresses. Currently, Raychel Coudriet is 22 years old. Reports point to her interview with National Inquirer that she had a one night stand with Tiger Woods which happened at Tiger Woods’ residence.

Friends of Raychel Coudriet told the tabloid that the night spent with Tiger left Raychel, “shaken and humiliated.” Details were also given that it happened on a couch right next to a crib for Tiger Woods’ children.

This is getting worse for Tiger Woods. I am not sure if his supporters will always be there to back him up with these issues. I just hope that his performance at the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 will not be affected with this new illicit affair issue.