Tiger Woods: Freshest Scandal Adding the List

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It seems that Tiger Woods has become a walking scandal-magnet lately. The golf champion hasn’t been in peace after mistress scandals has been coming out after he crashed his car last November. We barely hear words from him about these things.

Recent news about him is his comeback in the Masters and has allowed himself to appear on TV for an interview. This is the first since his public apology.

Freshest scandal about him burst again. It came from a porn star in Florida who revealed shocking news about Tiger in a radio interview. Her name is Devon James and claimed that she hooked up with Tiger for 2 1/2 years. It is from 2006-2008. She added that they are doing “Dirty Swinger Sex” and still has the phone records to prove her claims.

Lately porn star Joslyn James also posted Tiger’s dirty text messages in her website. Now another porn star having James as surname is joining the picture. It makes her the 3rd porn star and the 15th in list.

These things has been so heartbreaking for the golf star. Gold legend Arnold Palmer once gave him a piece of advice regarding these matter and the advice boiled down to this “He should move on”