Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update for the 99ers

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Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update for the 99ers (August 26, 2010) – It was said that the Tier 5 Extension was not in the calendar or agenda when the Senate resumes session after recess but we still have to verify on this issue.

So far, as of today 33 states qualified for the Federally enacted Tier 4 unemployment extension since their State’s Unemployment Rate continues to remain at 8.5% for three consecutive months. The current unemployment rate on the national level is now at about 9.5% which was preceded by four consecutive months at a minimum of 9.7%.

Using the same precedent as the Tier 4 Federal Bill, this clearly necessitates for the creation and passage of a Tier 5 extension bill since Americans needs a lifeline at this very crucial time. It is also equally important that the federal government create job opportunities for the unemployed and penalize companies who are not accepting unemployed in their workforce. How can somebody be employed if they refuse them for work?

Senate Bill 3706 – Americans Want to Work Act was introduced August 4, 2010 but its fate is still in jeopardy. This bill would add a Tier 5 extension benefits in states with unemployment rates above 7.5%. The new tier would provide 20 additional weeks of benefits payments, but it would not pay back benefits retroactively to cover the period between when the last tier expired and the new tier takes effect. The bill also includes a one-year extension of two tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed workers.

Below is an elevator pitch from Help the 99ers which you can use to help promote and pass the Tier 5 Unemployment Extension and the American Wants to Work Act. An “elevator pitch” is a concise summary that you can deliver in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

  • At least 1.3 million unemployed workers1 have exhausted their benefits.
  • The job market isn’t keeping up: there are less than 3 million job openings2 for almost 15 million job seekers3.
  • We’re caught in a vicious cycle: businesses aren’t hiring because they’re chiefly concerned about poor sales, and people aren’t buying because they’ve lost their jobs.
  • * S. 3706 will break the cycle in two ways:
  1. by growing the workforce: 3706 will extend the HIRE Act, which is already credited with adding 5.6 million jobs4;
  2. by adding a fifth tier of unemployment benefits, which add $1.61 to the GDP5 for every dollar spent.
  • Please ask Chairman Baucus to add 3706 to his Committee’s legislative calendar: Americans want to work.

Contact your Senators and Representatives, especially if they are on the Senate Finance Committee. Ask to speak with the Legislative Director or the Legislative Assistant who deals with jobs and the economy. Deliver the pitch.

For the contact details of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives CLICK HERE.