The Portable and Anonymous PirateBox

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image: David Darts

Do you want an easy way to wirelessly share your files? Do you want it portable, temporary and anonymous? Then check out PirateBox. Provocatively named, the PirateBox creates a Wi-Fi network that anyone within the broadcast range can join. It does not require logging in nor does it create any logs or history about its users’ activities. Connected users can share and copy any file they please.

Initially named Freedrop, David Darts, an arts and technology professor at NYU Steinhardt, originally created the device to enable his students to easily share course-related files during class. It was widely accepted but it soon became evident that students had other things in mind to share.

Just for pun, he placed Freedrop in a box with a pirate logo and gave it its name.

If you’re interested and tech-savvy, you can build your own PirateBox for about $100. Building instructions are provided courtesy of Mr. Darts.