The New Google Layout: Why Does Google Look Different?

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As I was searching Google today, I noticed something new. Google has a new look. It has a new layout which gives search engine users the flexibility to refine the search engine results in Google. According to the press release of Google, the new Google look is a response to the increasing richness of the web and the increasing power of search.

The new Google layout features new search tools on the left which can provide more search engine results. With Google’s new look, you now have the option to look for search engine results with Google’s news, books, videos, etc. Furthermore, you can also refine your search engine results for the past 24 hours on in specific countries only. These are all available in the new Google look.

In addition to the new Google layout, the new Google look presents an updated look and feel in terms of Google’s color palette and logo. These changes maybe slight and unnoticeable but make Google’s overall look more modern.

To have a view on this new Google look, try searching in Google and you will definitely notice the new Google layout. Meanwhile, here is a youtube video about the new Google look:
YouTube Preview Image