The Cove Movie Wins Oscars Best Documentary Film 2010

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If you’re a fan of the most loveable sea creature – the dolphins – then definitely you would have fun watching the Oscars Best Documentary Film 2010 Winner, “The Cove”.

“The Cove” is a movie which features the protection of dolphins against these people who would like to kill them for their meats.  Personally, I don’t understand the fact that people kill these dolphins for their meat because according to research, dolphin meats contain high levels of mercury that are 5 times the allowable mercury in our body and too much of this mercury can lead to mercury posioning.

“The Cove” movie did not only win the most prestigious Oscars Awards for Best Documentary Film but also gained several awards and recognitions from different movie critics circle.

The amazing part of the movie “The Cove” was the way the film was shot. Producers of the movie had to devise a plan on how to access the cove where the dolphins were hidden by fishermen. Interestingly, a visual effects company named KernerFx gave some special HD cameras that looked like rocks. These hidden cameras, disguised as rocks, were used to shoot the movie.

While there maybe some negative reviews of the movie “The Cove” which includes the Mayor of the town of Taiji and the chief of Taiji Fishery Union claiming that the movie does not respect dietary traditions and culture of  some local communities, I certainly agree that killing of dolphins should be banned.

According to the Mythbusters show in Discovery Channel which I watched, dolphins are saviours of humans against sharks. Based on their findings, sharks are afraid of dolphins.

Dolphins are friendly animals. They should be loved and not killed for our selfish greed. The movie “The Cove” teaches us to protect these mammals as they soon become one of the endangered species of earth.