The Art of Self-Expression: Erykah Badu Video Uncut

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First Lady of Neo-Soul, Erykah Badu strips off her clothes for her music video.  It supposedly is not a big deal these days as being nude could sometimes be a form of an art.  People who mostly are confident of themselves would be comfortable as well to undress, even in public.  The minds of other people though are still taboo and some are not yet open to release a liberated mind.

Anyway, the video of Erykah Badu that created this whole buzz is “Window.”  People are searching for any sneak peek of the behind the scenes.  Good luck on finding the Erykah Badu video uncut if you are in search as well.  Anyway, there are pictures circulating around of a screencap of her being naked in the video.  Although, private parts are blurred.