The 2010 Australia Election Results as predicted by Dirty Harry Crocodile

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ABC news and ABC Australia has been giving live feeds about the Australia Election 2010.  BBC News also had an interesting story featuring Dirty Harry Crocodile – the psychic crocodile.

You may have heard of Paul the octopus who predicted the winner of the World Cup 2010 that deemed to have come true.  This time, Australia also has their own version of an animal psychic.

They hanged photos of Tony Abbott on one side and Julia Gillard on the other.  Beneath each photos were dangling bits of chicken.  Dirty Harry Crocodile took time on which chicken he should eat and he picked Julia Gillard.  Julia Gillard is the current Prime Minister and the leader of the labor party.

People may believe the psychic abilities of Dirty Harry the psychic crocodile or not but everyone just loves to be entertained.  Subscribe to World Correspondents for more updates on the Australia Elections 2010