Texas Celebrates the 81st Austin Kite Festival

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A lot of people has gathered today in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas to witness a spectacular kite festival known as The Austin Kite Festival or The Zilker Park Kite Festival. Colorful kites flew up into the air in different shapes. There has been various figures flying up in the sky and even sea animals are flying.

This festival has been celebrated annually at the Zilker Park in Austin, Texas since 1929. The 350 acres publicly owned land makes the event very suitable for the occasion. The event was supposedly celebrated last March 7 but was then postponed due to early reports of heavy rainfall.

The main kite flying event would take place 1:00pm but kites are already up in the sky by 10:am. The event won’t only highlight kite flying but kite making as well. Kites battles would be there which would include flying the kite as it is synchronized to a musical arrangement. Kite flying demonstrations would also be present which would encourage those who doesn’t know how to do it.

The most anticipated part of the festival are the contests. The kites must be homemade, and there are competitions for the most unusual, smallest, largest, highest angle, steadiest, strongest pulling, and best kite train. The contests are divided into two categories; one for youth (up to 16 years old) and adult (16 and up). The is also a 50-yard dash contest for children aged 7 to 12. The first, second, and third-place winners will receive trophies for it.