Super Bowl XLVI Online Watching Now Made Possible, Legally!

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Super Bowl fans who happen to be netizens would usually find ways to watch the game online for FREE. Sad to say, live streaming online of big events such as the Super Bowl match are most often prohibited and finding a decent one on the day of the game would be like passing through a needle hole.

For the first in the history of Super Bowl broadcasting, the big game is going to be streamed live online legally. NBC, the broadcast partner for this year would be live streaming the game in their official website, The game can also be seen live at starting 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, February 5th. will feature HD-quality streams from multiple camera angles, DVR-like functionality to pause and replay the action and a lot of social features.

For those Verizon subscribers on the go, the game can also be witnessed via NFL Mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

For those who are rooting for the ads, it can also be seen via Hulu, Youtube’s AdBlitz channel.

Watching the Super Bowl these days has never been the same. The scope of its viewers has widen and has been attracting more in the coming days.