Starlets are Setting Their Sights on James Holzier

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James Holzier is now getting more and more famous! His fans are popping up at his door in California and Texas. Who can blame them with all this Hollywood buzz on him?

A bevy of starlets and fans are learning about Mr. Holzier through fan sites and major celebrity sites across the world wide web.

Superstar Gossip just wrote a full length article on him and is now loaded with fans proposing to Holzier. Starlets are taking note too – “He is so likeable,” says a close source.

The young actor has secured a large following and is on the lips of every major studio for contracts. The actor was named on as one of the most popular emerging male celebrities.

He has already been linked to several starlets according to, Lyndsy Fonseca, from the feature film Kick Ass,Lilly Collins, Anne Hathaway, just to name a few!

James should get used to this as most major media are tired of sparkle vampires and jean werewolves. Holzier is a new actor that is blazing on the radar in Hollywood.