Space Shuttle Landing Today

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The NASA Discovery Space Shuttle crew has finally landed today after previous attempts on landing back to Earth. The Space Shuttle landed 9:08am Tuesday. Rain and Unfavorable weather conditions limited the crew in landing the space shuttle in two previous attempts.

Seven astronauts spent 14 days in space and extended a day before landing back to Earth. The Discovery mission in space made history by including 3 lady astronauts, which altogether worked with one female astronaut who was already at the space station. It was first-ever in history that 4 female austronauts worked in space.

The Discovery Space Shuttle (Orbiter Vehicle Destination OV-103) came from the west after flying over the various states of USA including Vancouver, British Columbia. It went Southeast, flying over north-eastern Washington; Montana; Wyoming; South-Western Nebraska; North-Eastern Colorado; South-Western Kansas; Oklahoma; Arkansas; Mississippi; Alabama; Georgia and finally making its home landing in Florida.

The Discovery is the third operational orbiter vehicle in space and is considered the oldest orbiter in service.