Sony’s PlayStation Move: The Next Generation of Motion Gaming

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Along with the latest innovations in the gaming world, PlayStation maker Sony need to keep up with contenders. With the success of Nintendo’s Wii in motion gaming, they come up with similar technology. It is called PlayStation Move.

“We’d like to think of this as the next generation of motion gaming,” said Sony’s marketing boss Peter Dille. “We are confident that when we look back in five years time, this will be seen as a seminal moment for PlayStation.” While crediting the Wii with doing a “great job in introducing motion gaming to the masses”, Mr Dille said the Move has the “potential to take gaming beyond where it is today”.

The latest innovation of Sony in motion gaming didn’t amaze the masses that much because it didn’t introduce something new. According to Guy Cocker, UK editor of gaming site GameSpot, “I was disappointed with the amount of real innovation we saw. In terms of ideas, it is very similar to what we have seen with the Wii and if you are Sony, you can’t help but want to ape that success,”

Sony wasn’t able to keep up with Nintendo’s Wii sales and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with their PS3 sales. “PlayStation Move isn’t that innovative. It doesn’t do anything that differently than the Wii but everyone feels they need to get into this space,” according to Dan Ackerman, a senior editor with the review site

The controller will go on sale in the autumn and will cost less than $100 (£47).