Some Truths About the Cisco CRS-3

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Cisco CRS-3Ever since Cisco has made their big announcement of the new CRS-3 router, the Netizens can’t stop talking about it and it has created a Buzz all over the internet.  In the a world thriving for a technological advanced environment year after year, speed is one important factor.  Bandwidths, servers and routers need to keep up with the newest technologies being developed that would require the best speed of processing ever.

Here is a summary about the facts of the Cisco CRS-3.  We summarized all you need to know about this amazing breakthrough:

  • It will make way for a speedier video and mobile transmissions
  • One whole movie on the average will be buffed for only about 4 minutes
  • It will 12 times faster than the fastest bandwidth available as of today
  • 322 Terabytes per second capacity of handling
  • AT&T was one of the testers of the CRS-3

These are the main things you need to know about the Cisco CRS-3 so far.  When CRS-1 was launched people thought they would not consume and reach the limit of the bandwidth.  But, one lesson learned is that no matter how big of a bandwidth you put in the market, people will definitely find ways of consuming it.  So, we’ll see in another year or two if we would need another CRS-4.  What do you think?  Let us know and comment below.