Social Media Against Celebrities In The Philippines

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Philippines is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands housing millions of social-networking-engaging population. In fact, as of January of 2011, Philippines rank 5th among the countries with most number of Facebook accounts with its 600 million users.

In a short span of time, Filipino Twitter users also soared high in numbers that even famous Filipino celebrities join the crowd. In fact the most followed Filipino Twitter user is the actress-host Anne Curtis with more than 2 million followers.

Twitter has become the common place of celebrities and their fans wherein the exchange of direct communication has become within reach. However, in the past few months, Twitter has also became a ground for bashers to reach these celebrities as well. Some of the much talked controversies among them also started in the site all because of their intriguing tweets.

There are also love affairs that started in the site while there are some that ended in the same place. These things clearly showed that the social networking sites has become a large part of the lives of the Filipino celebrities. Some decided to deactivate their accounts because they can no longer bare the negative comments sent to them and opted to keep their whereabouts private.

Some stayed and just didn’t mind the bashers and continued sharing their thoughts in the site. This somehow raised the question of whether being in the site is helpful to the celebrities or not. Some of them who chose to stay said that they value their fans more than the negative comments that they get from their haters.

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