Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Sandra is Hitting the Baseball Bat

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The Oscars’ Best Actress, Sandra Bullock has been known for being a strong willed woman. In her latest movie Blindiside, her role portrayed a strong mother and wife who fears no one. As she attended the People’s Choice Awards last January, wherein Tiger Woods‘ infidelity issue is on fire, she gave tough comments to Tiger. “If I were [Tiger’s wife] Elin [Nordegren], man, I would have hit a lot more than she did. I would have kept hitting.” She has been referring to reports that Elin Nordegren wielded a golf club to her husband that night when Tiger crashed his car.

“Yeah, she stopped, she was respectable,” Bullock continued. “I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out.” These comments are indeed tough comments and has truly showed how Sandra hates cheating husbands. Now that husband Jesse James is facing the same issue as Tiger’s, and the number of mistresses is also growing. Will she be true to her words of hitting a baseball bat? She has kept her silence since the issue burst out, every issues has been answered by her representative. Everyone has been waiting for Sandra to hit the baseball bat or shall I say, break her long silence.