Samsung Sees Breakthrough In 5G Technology

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Samsung has announced a breakthrough that it says could power 5G communications, a standard that would allow for much faster data transfer across mobile networks.

Building on the 4G mobile standard, which enables a more fluid mobile web experience, Samsung engineers think the new development could enable ultra-HD video streaming on the next generation of smartphone handsets. The technology would enable handset owners to stream TV shows and movies on the spot in uninterrupted quality – a step up from the capabilities of the current 4G protocols.


Its engineers have developed a transceiver that is capable of reaching the 28GHz Ka band, an ultra-high frequency transmission band that could be used for faster, more effective mobile data transfer. However, some close to the technology have downplayed its importance, suggesting there is still a long way to go before the 5G future becomes a reality.

The transceiver is an important development in the move towards 5G, and its successful creation marks a first-of-a-kind breakthrough for this new technology. However, much of the surrounding technologies still need to be developed, which some analysts have suggested puts this finding in context.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli, the academic leading research efforts into 5G at the University of Surrey, told the BBC the transceiver was just one “piece in the puzzle.” For Professor Tafazolli, whose work is part-funded by Samsung, there is more work to be done towards building a complete 5G band.

“Some of the companies are still putting too much emphasis on speed when discussing going from one generation to another generation. In my opinion 4G achieves a decent speed and what we need to do is crack the capacity crunch we are facing.”

The development of 5G could provide significant opportunities for advertisers. Reviews are showing that a number of businesses are turning to digital marketing opportunities, particularly locally, in order to reach out more directly to prospective customers.

While the local focus is important, businesses need a way to be able to transmit their messages and data in a fast, streaming environment – with 5G, the possibilities for rich advertising media could be endless.

With 5G allowing for HD, broadcast-quality marketing messages, the eventual roll-out of the technology could coincide with a maturing market for mobile advertising, presenting new opportunities for business owners to capitalize.

Aside from the speed increases that come with upgrading to the higher frequency band, commentators are now suggesting the notion of increasing capacity beyond 4G is essential. With smartphones now constantly streaming and sending data, the need for more robust systems has never been greater.

As the developing world joins in with smartphones and their reach expands into new, previously unchartered continents, experts like Professor Tafazolli believe it is now capacity which will affect users and the organizations attempting to advertise on it.

The ongoing research into 5G is being part-funded by a number of sources including Samsung and electronics manufacturers Huawei, the UK Government and Fujitsu. Aside from the University of Surrey team, other independent research work is being carried out around the world to figure out 5G.