Safety Tips On Trick Or Treat

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Every child is excited to “Trick or Treat”. No matter how gory and scary their little costumes, real dangers is just around the corner awaiting to unveil.

Here are some safety tips for our dear youngsters:

* Wear something that can reflect light or that can be visible on a dark Halloween night for VISIBILITY.

* Routes must be planned in advance and checked during the daylight for broken sidewalks (or no sidewalks), construction timber, open manhole or other obstacles that could endanger “trick or treat”ers.

* Well-fitting shoes; preferably sneakers must be worn. Trick or treat would be no longer fun if their legs and feet are aching with uncomfy shoes.

* Costumes that drag on the ground must be avoided for these might trip up their little feet, get caught on bushes, and create a tussle that sometimes results in the child wanting to remove the costume.

* Child’s mask allow full visibility and breathing.

* Trick or treaters should walk, not run, and should never cut across lawns or driveways.

* Costumes must be accorded with the weather.

* Think “practical” over “cute” when picking a trick or treat goody bag or container. Sharp edges must be checked to avoided scratching their tender skins.

* Keep track of time and don’t trick or treat after 9 p.m.

Another round of tips:

* Feed your kids a healthy meal prior to going trick or treat.

* Children of any age should be accompanied by a parent, if possible. Teens or young teens who still trick or treat may resist this notion; if they trick or treat without an adult, set firm rules and require a child to carry a cell phone that can be used in the event of an emergency.

* Insist that your child to take a toilet/bathrooms calls.

* Never allow children to eat candy before it is inspected. Any opened candy should be thrown away, and unless you personally the families who make homemade goodies, it is recommended that you dispose of homemade treats.

Suggestions for residents/homeowners for making Halloween a fun night of trick or treat:

* Routes and yards for trick or treat must be cleaned and checked for any obstacles that may endanger participants.

* Think “trick or treat safety” when decorating. Safety experts recommend using plug-in or battery-powered jack-o-lanterns instead of using a live candle. If you do opt for a live flame, make sure it is away from any possible exposure to trick or treaters’ costumes or where they will be walking or standing.

* Keep your house well-lit and inviting, or if going for a spooky home theme, make sure trick-or-treaters know your house has a welcome-mat extended.

* Be sure your pets are secured and put away. Some pets become frightened; others may become territorial or even aggressive.

* Carefully consider treats such as healthier food alternatives than candy. Non-sweet items like crackers, chips, raisins, or popcorn.

Have a fun and safe “trick and treat”.