Rehab Las Vegas is Summer’s Hottest Party Place

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Rehab Las Vegas is Summer’s Hottest Party Place – Rehab Las Vegas offers some of the great parties in Las Vegas especially pool parties. In fact Rehab Las Vegas is dubbed at the ultimate Vegas pool party place. This Labor Day 2010, the place had once again been a site of fun and party goers.

The poolside party tends to become intimate and thus is a destination for weekend revelers in the thousands. You can find world famous DJs, celebrities and just about anyone who loves to party. Labor Day 2010 had been one of the best time to be there but the Rehab also offers great pool parties every Sunday.

Due to its immense popularity truTV hosted the third season of the reality show ‘Rehab’. The first episode of Rehab Season 3 features musical guest Wyclef Jean packs the place. Matt, the super tough boss, gives a verbal lashing to his new general manager, and Sharon gets into a confrontation with an intoxicated female guest.

For those who want to be part of the Hard Rock Rehab party all you have to do is buy a very pricey bracelet. This bracelet will give you access to the event. Drinks are also prices at a higher cost and in some parties the price of a bottle of top shelf liquor costs a grand.

The Rehab is definitely a place for those who have money to spend since the price is really high. Nevertheless, the experience and the thrill many says is worth the cost that you spend on this very cozy and exquisite party place in Las Vegas.

Anyone been there? Share us your stories.

Meanwhile check out this pool party Rehab in the Hard Rock Las Vegas hotel happens on Sundays. Rehab pool is a daylife event which happened during the Las Vegas Labor Day weekend 2010. There were thousands of people that partied.

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