Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F

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All PS3 users around the world are annoyed of this latest error from PS3. The error code 8001050F is the so-called error of the century. John Morgan, an avid PS3 player said during an interview that “This is the worst Playstation 3 error that I’ve encountered so far and still, it has no fix from Sony for almost 24 hours now”.

Many PS3 users around the globe are now ranting in Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known social networks. This is really a big problem, specially when you’re a PS3 addict.

There are temporary fixes available in the web, but it will just waste your time. Just like this joke. At first, you thought it’s the fix that you’re looking for, but you’re just dragged into joke town.

To be honest, there’s no fix for error code 8001050F. All we need to do now is pray and be patient. Let’s do hope that God will help Sony fix this problem.

For the meantime, let’s just sit and relax and play offline games with our PS3. Just turn on your console and disable your router, so that it will not attempt to connect to the internet and you can play with your games offline.