Picture of Lindsay Lohan’s “Nail Art” – Letting Her Finger Do the Talking

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I’m guessing Lindsay Lohan probably did not say much during last Tuesday’s sentencing, because that is what most lawyers advice their clients on such occasions. Hence, it was only through pictures of her reaction and facial expressions that we tried to gauge much of her shock and dismay over what transpired in the courtroom.

Well, we are mistaken. Apparently, Lindsay did “prepare” a reaction and it was printed (not tattooed as others think) clearly on her middle finger.

Take a look at the picture where wild child Lindsay, defiant as ever, had the words “Fuck U” clearly printed on her nail.

I surmise it is for the state prosecutor, and the judge as well, who handed down the 90-day jail term which Lindsay’s mother considers an unfair treatment of her child.   


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