Philippines is Ready to Watch Their Boxing Champ, Manny Pacquiao

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No other proud country would be as excited as the Philippines today. The Manny Pacquiao versus Joshua Clottey fight is enough to make the whole country stop its daily activities just to watch the fight. As the fight goes on in Texas, Filipinos would not mind to spend money just to watch pay per view of the fight. Major malls all over the country would really spare one cinema for the much awaited bout.

In General Santos City, Pacquiao’s hometown, there will be a big screen in their gymnasium wherein it is open for the public for free. In every corner of the country, from the biggest mansions up to the busiest sidewalks, TV’s are tuned in to the fight. The event will be on Sunday in the Philippines, so everyone is off from work and no school. Every time Pacquiao fights, the scenario would always be like this.

The fight would take place at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.