Philippine Election Results Update: 79% of Precincts Partial Results

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Here’s the latest update on Philippine Election Results this 2010. This is the latest gathered data from 79% of clustered polling precincts across the Philippines as of 9:00 AM, May 11, 2010. Currently, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is leading the Presidential race followed by Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

On the Vice-Presidential Race, Jejomar Binay is currently ranked 1, followed by Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas still has a big chance to outnumber Binay’s number of votes because 21% of precincts in the Philippines has not submitted their tally yet.

Here’s latest official tally of who is leading in the Presidential and Vice Presidential race in the Philippine Elections as of 9:00 AM Philippine Time

Partial and Official COMELEC Philippine Election Results (about 79% of polling precincts)Presidential Race1.AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C.12,527,696(40.58%)2.ESTRADA EJERCITO, Joseph M. 7,665,960(25.72%)3.VILLAR, Manuel Jr B.3,926,442(13.85%)4.TEODORO, Gilberto Jr. C.3,766,266(10.63%)5.VILLANUEVA, Eduardo C.1,795,470(3.10%)6.GORDON, Richard J.589,374(1.54%)7.ACOSTA, Vetellano S.124,6570.52%8.PERLAS, Jesus Nicanor P45,357(0.13%)9.MADRIGAL, Jamby A.32,794(0.12%)10.DE LOS REYES, John Carlos G.31,339(0.11%)Vice Presidential Race1.BINAY, Jejomar C.12,367,117(40.48%)2.ROXAS, Manuel A.11,671,411( 36.93%)3.LEGARDA, Loren B.3,720,422(10.40%)4.FERNANDO, Bayani F.846,101(2.90%)5.MANZANO, Eduardo B.576,879(1.78%)6.YASAY, Perfecto R.357,030(1%)7.SONSA, Jose Y.53,401(0.16%)8.CHIPECO, Jesus Nicanor P36,971(0.12%)