Philippine Bus Hostage Drama Comes to Bloody Conclusion

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A former Manila police officer took twenty five hostages in a tourist bus in the Philippines on Monday morning. The hostage situation ended after a ten-hour standoff with at least two hostages reported killed and the hostage taker shot dead.

A few hours after the report that only two hostages died, it has been confirmed that 9 were killed at the hijacked Philippine tourist bus, as reported by Jim Gomez of the AP.

Former police officer Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tourist bus on Monday morning demanding that he be reinstated to his law enforcement duty. Mendoza was dismissed a year ago on charges of extortion and harassment in a drug-related case. On top of his demand for reinstatement, he also wanted to clear his name in relation to the cases he was involved with.

Mendoza boarded the bus wearing a police uniform and carrying an assault rifle. The bus was taken to a prominent landmark in Manila called the Quirino Grandstand, just a few hundred feet from the Manila Hotel. Over the last ten hours, he has released some of the hostages that included a mother, three children, an elderly man with diabetes and photographers.

Two police negotiators talk to hostage talker, who is wearing police uniform and is believed to be former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza, as the bus sits parked next to Manila’s Rizal Park

After long hours of negotiation, four hostages being freed. A mother and three children.

Philippine Policemen try to rescue the hostages after gunshots were heard. They break the doors and windows of the bus using a sledge hammer.

A police assault team breached the bus that led to the bloody ending to the hostage drama. Mendoza was reportedly shot dead after leaving at least two hostages dead.