Paypal Pulled Itself from Wikileaks

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The withdrawal of services from Wikileaks continues and seemed to be unstoppable these past few days. The latest among them is the withdrawal of the online payment provider Paypal. It said that the website has violated one of its online policies “which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.”

A tweet from Wikileaks has confirmed such action: “PayPal bans WikiLeaks after U.S. government pressure.” The website has released a news set of US diplomatic cables this week which has embarrassed Washington and foreign leaders. They strongly believed that these withdrawal of services is a form if attack done by the US government to them and they are doing it by putting pressure on these companies to withdraw their services from them. Wikileaks has been using Paypal to receive donation from their supporters in the safest way possible. Now it is already gone, donations can be sent to them through mail in an Australian post office box, through bank transfers to accounts in Switzerland, Germany or Iceland, as well as through one “credit card processing partner” in Switzerland.

Before Paypal,’s domain provider EveryDNS also pulled out their services from them because they said that the site hoards numerous hacks that would eventually alter their overall system. That’s why the domain is no longer available now. It has transfered from one website to another and found its new home in It is a Swiss based domain.