Paris Hilton Denied Entry To Japan

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This is the latest chapter in the Paris Hilton drug-saga.

She might have avoided possible jail-time by copping up and admitting to lying to officers about the little white baggy of cocaine found in her purse, but she will not be spared by the consequences surrounding her “admission” even as she is simply trying to go on with her life and “fulfill her contractual obligations” – which according to her is the responsible thing to do.

Unfortunately, Japanese officials do not share her line of thinking. In the Land of the Rising Sun, no matter who you are or how famous you may be, as long as you have a conviction or is under probation for drug use, they can deny you entry into the country, which is exactly what happened to Hilton who went to Japan a day after she confessed to actually owning the cocaine found in her possession.

Immigration officials did allow Hilton, however, to spend the night at a hotel at the Narita airport so she could appeal their decision to bar her entry from the country.  

Paris appeared before Japanese immigration officials on Wednesday morning to ask that they allow her to enter the country despite her drug conviction earlier this week.

For her defense, Hilton said she traveled to Japan because of “business obligations planned many months earlier.”