Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico this 2010 and Images from Google Earth

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico this 2010 and Images from Google Earth: The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is becoming more and more of an environmental concern as time passes by. It all started with an oil rig explosion last April 20, 2010 which eventually led the oil tank to sink two days later about 40 miles off the Mississippi River delta.

Several actions were already taken by various groups to contain the oil spill threatening to pollute the nearby Gulfs posing harm wildlife and other sea creatures. British Petroleum Agency (BP) PLC, which owns the oil rig … Read the rest “Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico this 2010 and Images from Google Earth”

NCAA Bracket 2010 Update: NCAA Sweet 16 Basketball Teams Revealed

NCAA Sweet 16 basketball teams is finally revealed. More and more people get excited as the National Championship of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament comes closer and closer. With the recent basketball game matches finished, the Sweet 16 Bracket was finally announced.

Sweet Sixteen is the start of the thrill and action in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s the start to the journey towards the Final Four where each region gets its basketball team to compete with the National Championship round.

So which basketball teams qualified for the Sweet 16? Let’s find out by visiting the updated Sweet 16 … Read the rest “NCAA Bracket 2010 Update: NCAA Sweet 16 Basketball Teams Revealed”

Plagiarism Filed against J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter fans might be screaming in their seats upon knowing this latest news about their favorite author. There has been a lawsuit filed against J.K Rowling for her 4th book in Harry Potter Series which Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. The British author has been claiming that the book has been copying ideas from the book entitled ” The Adventures of Willy and the Wizard- No 1 Livid Land” by the late Adrian Jacobs which was published in 1987. His estate filed the case in London last Wednesday. She allegedly sued for copying concepts such as wizard … Read the rest “Plagiarism Filed against J. K. Rowling”

NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Live Stream: St. Mary’s VS Villanova Live Score

Round 2 of the March Madness has just started and everyone is very eager to watch it. Currently, St. Mary’s (Ca) Gaels is in the lead against last year’s National Semifinals entry of the East, Villanova Wildcats. The Wildcats were able to defeat Pittsburg last year during the Regionals. Well the 1st quarter has just started and there are still so many things that might happen as the game continues. The Gaels were led by coach Randy Benett while the Wildcats were led by coach Jay Wright.

Live Streaming of the game can be seen here.

NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Live Updates: Duke VS Baylor Game for Final Four

The teams for the Final Four is yet to be revealed in no time. Butler and West Virginia have already filled in the two spots. Today, the other two teams to complete the Final Four will be identified.

At 5:05pm EST the game between Duke Blue Devils is set have a game against Baylor Bears. It has been a vision to make their team as “the Duke of the Southwest”. If they could make it to the Final Four, it would have been their 11th appearance. the bears on the other hand has gained much confidence in pursuing the win … Read the rest “NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Live Updates: Duke VS Baylor Game for Final Four”

The Dream Is No More For Christina Milian

After less than a year of being married, MTV host and singer, Christina Milian and Grammy-winning producer, Terius “The Dream” Nash have called it quits.

The official admission and announcement came at the heels of racy pictures published in magazines of The Dream cavorting with his assistant, Melissa Santiago, in the Caribbean.

According to the statement released by The Dream himself, he and wife Christina have not been getting along very well since late 2009 and that they have remained together only for the sake of their daughter, Violet.

For The Dream, this is the second marriage that has failed. … Read the rest “The Dream Is No More For Christina Milian”