Oscars 2010: Best and Worst Dressed at the Red Carpet

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Award events such as Oscars wouldn’t be complete without the Red Carpet moments of the celebrities. The recently concluded 82nd Academy Awards has once again showed glamorous ladies and gentlemen in the Red Carpet. A lot has been appreciated but there are some who has gained attention not because they look good but because they one of those worst dressed.

As they enter the hall, they are posing their best pose and feel the moment. Flashes of camera are everywhere and photographers are taking most of the angles as possible. Most often, their dresses are designed by famous designers who would also be credited if it is worn with grace and with glamour.

Who will judge the worst and the best anyway? Well, it’s up to the viewers. Here are some pictures of head turners of 82nd Academy Awards on the red carpet. Be the judge of who’s the worst and who’s the best.