Oprah’s Favorite Things Being Used in a Scam

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Christmas is again just around the corner, and as it had been in the past years, Oprah will again be coming up with her famous list of favorite things for this year (in her show’s final season) – which are actually gift suggestions from queen of Harpo herself.

Naturally, product manufacturers and distributors would want their items to be included in the list, as being featured meant increases in orders and sales for their products.

Apparently, one “more enterprising” company would like to piggy-back on the popularity and credibility of Oprah’s list of favorite things.

A company called New Products Events has allegedly been offering clients the chance to attend an event where they will be able to talk to producers of Harpo productions company about how to be included on the list. The cost of this golden opportunity is a fee of £3,333.

But Oprah’s reps are adamant that the scheme is not official, saying, “No one at Harpo has sanctioned such an event or is involved in it.”