Obama’s Picks on 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets

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Who says that only college basketball fans are participating in the picks and predictions of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets? US President Barack Obama may be very busy with other matters but he is also an NCAA basketball fan as he too participated in the contest of guessing the right combination of winning basketball teams in the NCAA Basketball Brackets.

Accordingly, Obama had its NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket picks on both the Men’s Division and Women’s Division.

While his full bracket list has not yet disclosed, ESPN promised to let the public know it by Wednesday. They just gave a sneak preview on which basketball teams Obama picked in the bracket to be included in the exciting “Final Four” round.

For the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division, Obama chose basketball teams Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State, and Villanova.

Meanwhile, for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Division, Obama picked basketball teams Connecticut, Stanford, Tennessee, and Notre Dame.

Well, let’s see if Obama’s picks on the NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets are true as we watch the Final Four of the Men’s Division on April 3 and that of the Women’s Division on April 4. What do you think about his choices?

Photo Credit: New York Daily News