NYC Marathon 2010 Live Coverage List

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All year round marathons have been organized promoting good health to everyone.  New York City marathon 2010 is happening in a few hours and the date is November 7, 2010.  If your friends are running or if you have celebrity athletes that you want to follow then here are the options for you.

If you want to get updated with the NYC Marathon live coverage on Television then you can tune in to NBC 4 New York.  They will be broadcasting the event live starting at 9am to 2pm including pre-race warm up and the race flow on different landmarks around the NYC marathon route.  For broadcast outside New York but still in the US, NBC Sports will be broadcasted live from 2pm to 4pm.  Universal Sports will also be airing the race live at 9am.

Outside the US, just the highlights of the race will be broadcast nationwide.

If you want to get updated with the NYC Marathon coverage online, then it will also be streamed by the NBC 4 New York broadcast online from 9am to 2pm on their official website with a special race day price discounted at $3.99.

You can also get hooked up with what’s happening with the New York City Marathon 2010 via mobile with apps from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Just check out iTunes store and get updated with the NYC Marathon 2010 live anywhere!