Noy the Movie: Noynoy Aquino and the Filipino People

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The official winners of the 2010 Presidential Elections was not officially declared yet, but the Filipino voters are more than a hundred percent sure that Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III is the 15th president of the Philippines. Thank you to his influential parents Nonoy and Cory and to her controversial younger sister Kris Aquino.

Cinemedia in cooperation with Star Cinema will soon release NOY The Movie. If you are thinking that the movie is all about the upcoming Philippine president, then you are right. But it doesn’t stop there.

The movie is all about Noy (Coco Martin) a breadwinner of a normal Filipino family he applied as a journalist in order to support the needs of his family. He will soon discover more about Noy Aquino, who is his namesake.

NOY The Movie tackles more on the election campaign period of Noynoy Aquino and at the same time shows what an ordinary Filipino family hopes for in order to survive in the Philippines. The movie is a must-see for every Filipino.

The trailer of Noy The Movie can be seen here. For more information about this interesting docu-drama, you can visit The tentative showing date is May 26, 2010.