No Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for 99ers in Congress, What’s Left?

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No Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for 99ers in Congress, What’s Left? – What happened to the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill of the 99ers? Until now, the Senate is prioritizing a lot of bills over the the much needed bill for the unemployed Americans.

The existing unemployment extension bill called HR 4213 which was signed by Obama last July is set to expire on November 30 but until now no Tier 5 unemployment extension bill was passed in Congress. There were petitions with thousands of signatures calling the Congress to pass such bill. The 99ers even have finished two rallies to voice out their pledges to the Senators but still nothing has happened.

Although Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, proposed the “Americans Want To Work Act” or the S3706, the Republicans keep on blocking it. How many times did we hear Republicans saying that they are stalling the bill because it will just contribute to the burden of the US budget deficit yet we see a lot of funds go to military services in Iraq and other unnecessary expenses? What can you do as a 99er?

It seems that the last resort for now is to exercise your right of suffrage. Barely two weeks from now,  Americans will vote once again for the US Congress position on November 2. Since Republicans are against the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill, the only sane thing left to do is to vote them out. Be sure to vote on November 2. If your voices were not heard in your rallies, at least let your force be felt on November 2.