NIT Selection Show Presents NIT Bracketology 2010 Basketball Tournament

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After the NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket 2010 has been released, the NIT Basketball Tournament followed with its release of its NIT Bracketology 2010 as featured by ESPN in a selection show.

The National Invitational Basketball Tournament features 32 baketball teams who will be competing for the championship round which will be held on April 1 at the Madison Square Garden.

This will be a chance to shine for a lot of college basketball teams who were not able to make it into the NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket itself.

Who knows? Those teams who will be performing well in this basketball tournament might again be considered in the “Big Dance” in the future.

So who made it to the NIT Baskatball Tournament Bracket? Find out if your college basketball teams made it by visiting the National Invitational Bracket Basketball Tournament here.