New Harry Potter 7 Trailer excites a lot of fans worldwide!

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As the showing date of the first part of the 7th franchise movie of Harry Potter Series is approaching, fans are getting more excited by merely seeing the official trailers. A whole new trailer was just released in Youtube thus exciting the Harry Potter a lot more.

The trailer showed more duels, Voldemort encounters and awesome display of magic. The characters looked terrified in the 2 minute video the whole time. It clearly showed the dark times of the magical world. They were also seen in London and the magical grounds alternately as Voldermort was able to invade the magical school Hogwarts. Sparks from their wands were also numerous all throughout the trailer.

The first part of the movie can seen this November while the second one would be on July next year. This would have been the final movie version of the much loved book of J.K. Rowling. The trailer has gained a lot of positive comments and no wonder it would hit millions of views in a short span of time. The previous official trailer was able to gain more than 10 million views as of the moment.

If trailers are getting that much views, the movie might as well be hitting big 2 months from now. The story of Harry Potter and all the other characters in the movie has taken their own part in the real world already.

You can watch the full trailer below: