NCAA Bracket Update: 2010 March Madness Basketball Tournament

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It’s March 20, 2010 and here we go again for another NCAA Bracket Update. So far, all the teams are doing really great. As we all know, Team Kansas defeated Team Lehigh with an impressive score of 90-74. Sherron Collins scored 18 points and Marcus Morris scored 16. Armon Bassett scored 32 points, he’s the reason behind the teams victory after their several defeats.

Team San Diego and Vegas were not leading anymore as it was taken from them by team Tennessee and Northern Iowa. The final score of Tennessee vs San Diego is 62-59. Thank God for Melvin Goins who scored 12 points by making 3-point shots perfectly for four times during the entire game.

Here’s a summary of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Scores:
St. Mary’s 80, Richmond 71, Marquette 78, Ohio 97, Georgetown 83, Kansas 90, Lehigh 74, Texas 80, Wake Forest 81, Tennessee 62, San Diego State 59, BYU 99, Florida 92, Old Dominion 51, Notre Dame 50, Villanova 73, Robert Morris 70, Murray St. 66, Vanderbilt 65, Kansas St. 82, North Texas 62, Baylor 68, Sam Houston St. 59, Butler 77, UTEP 59, UNI 69, UNLV 66, Kentucky 100, East. Tenn St. 71, and last but no the list, Washington 80.

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We’ll be posting more NCAA Bracket updates until the Final Four so stay tuned!