NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament: Villanova vs St. Mary’s (Ca.) Final Result

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Their game has finally ended and this is somewhat sad. Last year’s National Semifinalist wasn’t able to make it. St. Mary’s (Ca.) defeated Villanova with the score of 75-68. Contributing of their win is Omar Samhan having 32 points all in all. Corey Stokes of the Wildcats only made 15 points, too low to win the the game.

St Mary’s (Ca.) will be facing either Old Dominion or Baylor on March 26 on the Regional Semifinals. Headed by coach Randy Bennet, the school’s achievement in this year’s NCAA is somewhat overwhelming. Last year they were not even included in Round 1 but right now they are already in the Regional semifinals.

For live streaming updates, you can view it here.